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The name of the Association

The name of the organisation is the Association of Catholic Tertiary Students, referred to as ACTS. In relation to the International of Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) Pax Romana, ACTS is known as the National Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS)-South Africa.

ACTS is an affiliated member of IMCS.

The Emblem of the Association

The emblem of ACTS is a Rosary shaped like a map of Africa, with the South African flag placed in South Africa. The cross form the “T” letter of the acronym ACTS, which will be in bold letters.
The Rosary shall be black stringed with red beads. There shall be a yellow circle placed in the middle of the cross written inside the map of Africa.
The name of the organisation Association of Catholic Tertiary Students shall be written inside the map of Africa.
Changes to the emblem can only be effected at the Annual National Conference. No other structure of ACTS or individuals or companies are permitted to alter the emblem of ACTS.
The official colour of the national regalia is grey.

The Motto of the Association

The motto of ACTS is: FAITH IN ACTION; which is derived from James 2:18

“But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds. `Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds´


  1. To help Catholic students to encounter Christ and to joyfully announce Him to others guided by the Pastoral Plan of the SACBC.
  2. To build a strong Catholic community in tertiary institutions, facilitate a sense of communion and belonging through the integration of faith in the lives of our members and associate members.
  3. To develop among our members and others an awareness of our context and to educate them on the importance of social transformation, in line with gospel values while taking a prophetic stance in the Church, campus, and society.
  4. To create an understanding of and foster non-sexism, non-racism as well as any other form of non-discrimination.
  5. To encourage mutual support and sharing of resources among the various levels of ACTS namely Branch, Provincial, National, Continental and International levels.
  6. To work with other Christian denominations, religious and secular groups on issues of common concern which promotes inter-religious dialogue.
  7. To address the transformation of all sectors of South African society and to engage in programs to empower the poor and the oppressed with skills. Through our activities, promote an awareness on issues of concern in the Church and at all levels of society.
  8. To help address the academic and social needs of students whilst striving for an economically and socially liberating education system.
  9. To critically reflect through research and debate on matters of faith, social and political importance.


ACTS is composed by branches in a province which ultimately forms ACTS National A branch shall be deemed a Branch provided it has a minimum of twenty-five (25) members or more and is recognized by the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the respective tertiary institution.

A Branch should affiliate with the ACTS Provincial body by paying an annual affiliation fee that shall be decided at the Provincial Annual General Meeting according to the number of members in each branch.

A province is regarded as an ecclesiastical metropolitan province on cluster.
A province should affiliate to ACTS National body by paying an annual affiliation fee that shall be decided at the Annual National Conference according to the number of members in a province.


Full membership of ACTS is granted to full-time students in tertiary institutions who are baptized in the Catholic Church and support the aims of ACTS. They will be subject to the discipline of the organisation.
A member should affiliate with the branch by paying an annual fee that shall be decided at the Branch Annual General Meeting.
Associate membership shall be granted to part-time students and former members of ACTS who are baptized in the Catholic Church. They shall be called upon to help the organisation.