Acts Prayer

Acts Prayer

God our father in heaven, source of all goodness and love, we thank you for
sending us your son, Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that we can follow his example as a young man when he walked the earth.
Please help us by your power God to see life in proportion as he did and to
follow his footsteps and become great leaders like him.
We thank you for blessing us with St Thomas Aquinas, one of the Catholic
Church’s greatest theologist and philosopher as our patron. Give us
courage, strength and generosity in evoking him for intercessory as ACTS
and to live by his words,” friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures,
and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious”, and
always strengthen our friendship as family of ACTS.
Open our eyes to your word, to serve you closely as Youth with energy and
desire and not to retire. To help us as Catholic students to be Christ
Centred and to help each other to encounter Christ. To create and provide a
strong Catholic community for all students at tertiary level through
extending love and peace throughout the world, spreading the works and
word of non-discrimination and racism not forgetting to discern to the

signs of time

We are conscious of the burdens in our lives, let us unite our sufferings with
you Lord, and give us strength to do your will. Through the sacraments
youth church may we become new children of God. What we are is your

gift to us and what we become is our gift to you.

Help us as ACTS to evangelise your teaching to a new generation of youth
people who will in the future be leaders of the African Church as we
continue to ACT to the signs of times. To sacrifice ourselves in the light of
faith and Christian morality, to empower those who have in the past not

been given opportunity.

We ask all this through the intercession of Mary Mother of Mercy and the
church, St Thomas Aquinas patron of Catholic teachers, learners, students

and institution and all saints, angels and ancestors.